Successful and Still Empty

Successful and Still Empty

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More and more and more, but never enough.

Are you addicted to success, achievement and acquisition of ever more? Do you believe you'll be happy when you accomplish that next milestone? Do you believe deep down that if you perform even better you'll get the validation and approval you crave?

With all of this achievement, you'd think fulfillment would be around here somewhere.

Oh, my friends, fulfillment and love are not on the same track as accomplishment, although many of us super-achievers have the two conflated.

Did you get noticed by your parents only when you had a perfect report card or when you scored the winning goal? 

There is a way to get free of clawing our way to the top of whatever heap we've chosen as our playing field, a way of being happy with ourselves whether we're accomplishing or not.

Success becomes a by-product of expressing ourselves and expanding our creativity, not a brass ring to be grabbed.

Read this small book and try a new way of being that is infinitely more satisfying and beautiful.



 AVAILABLE 2/15/21