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If other people are the problem, all hope is lost.

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Self improvement, self love, conscious living

Why is it good news that I'm the problem?

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Practical and fun. Meaningful change.

"Kay takes you on the journey from feeling like the world is to blame to freedom and equanimity." (Annie P., executive coach)

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The easiest and most effective approach

"Kay has the easiest and most effective approach for letting go of old ideas that no longer serve me. Kay's light-hearted humor brings levity to the task. Kay's program will change your life forever."(Karen B., Jewelry Entrepreneur)

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Bold, powerful, inspired!

"Kay Allison's program is supporting me through the many unknowns that are on the horizon of my present life.

Kay outlines actionable steps to move forward in one's life with courage.

Kay offers her own rich life experiences where she has struggled. Her tools are new, bold, powerful!

I am inspired by her approach and deep care and passion in bringing this offering to the world."
(Maria C., Cookbook Author)

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Actions first. Freedom follows.

Hope is not a strategy.